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A large population of chronic sinusitis, Eustachian tube dysfunction and nasal airway obstruction patients are not getting their needs met with current treatment options. That's why we are driven to innovate versatile new technologies and treatment options to relieve your suffering patients. So you have more options than ever for treating your patients, allowing you to not only deliver the best possible treatment, but the best possible patient experience.

Condition Sinusitis


Approximately 35 million people suffer from sinusitis, making it one of the most prevalent conditions in the U.S.3

Condition Eustacian Tube Dysfunction

Eustachian tube dysfunction

Studies indicate an increasing need for the treatment of Eustachian tube dysfunction, with approximately 7.3 million adults suffering from the condition.3

Condition Nasal Airway Obstruction

Nasal airway obstruction

More than 20 million Americans are estimated to suffer from nasal airway obstruction.11