Give patients a safe and lasting treatment for chronic rhinitis.

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Historically, patients with chronic rhinitis (a frequent runny nose, congestion, and or post-nasal drip) have had limited treatment options. The ClariFix cryotherapy device offers a new alternative.

The freezing cold temperature of cryotherapy destroys or ablates the targeted tissue, relieving symptoms of rhinitis.40,48 The area of maximal cryotherapy injury is adjacent to the ClariFix device's cryoprobe.49

Collagen fibers are resistant to freeze injury and are not subject to the denaturation and contraction that can result from other, thermal-based tissue destruction modalities. Preservation of the extracellular matrix and the architecture of nerves, larger blood vessels, and bone provide a scaffold for tissue repair, enabling good tissue healing.41-47

Cryotherapy has been well-established in medical literature as safe for soft tissue and nerve ablation.41-47

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The Clarifix device offers a breakthrough solution for patients suffering from chronic rhinitis. Using the properties of cryotherapy, the device interrupts the neural pathways that trigger rhinitis symptoms. This treatment offers a safe, effective, and lasting solution for patients.40,48

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