Durable endoscopes for maximum visualization.


FocESS® sinuscopes from Stryker are durable instruments that deliver excellent visualization needed for the ENT practice. These 3mm rigid nasal endoscopes are designed specifically to provide physicians with detailed images necessary for diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical sinus and nasal procedures.

The 0-degree (straight) nasal endoscope allows for a straight view into the patient’s nose, while the angled nasal endoscopes (available in 30, 45, and 70 degrees) allow for deeper “around-the-corner” views into the patient’s sinus cavities. Both provide maximum visualization to help you make diagnoses and perform procedures with ease and enhance patient experience.

sinuscope 0°


sinuscope 30°


sinuscope 45°


sinuscope 70°


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Compatible with

FocESS HD wireless camera

Take in-office imaging to the next level with clearer HD images, increased freedom of movement, an expanded field of view, and an integrated light source — all found in the FocESS HD wireless camera. Designed for use with FocESS 3mm nasal sinuscopes, this medical imaging device uses HD wireless technology to transmit clear images right to a mounted receiver, making extraneous cords and camera and light source equipment a thing of the past. These features enhance usability, image quality, and patient comfort.