sinuscope 30°


The FocESS sinuscope offers clear imaging with the durability you need for the modern ENT office. This rigid endoscope provides physicians with optimal imaging solutions for diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical sinus and nasal procedures.

This 30-degree sinuscope allows for an “around-the-corner” view into sinuses for excellent visibility, simplifying diagnoses and procedures and making the patient experience more comfortable. The slim 3mm diameter and 150mm length allow for the scope to be used easily in tight anatomical situations with other tools and instruments. Additionally, it delivers a wide 100-degree field of view.

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Features and benefits

  • Expanded 100-degree field of view for excellent visibility and angled tip for deeper views into sinus cavities
  • Extended 150mm length for optimal use with other surgical tools and ENT instruments in tight anatomical situations
  • Autoclavable for easy sterilization and reuse
  • Slim 3mm diameter provides increased range of motion for maximum patient comfort, and is ideal for use in patients with tight nasal anatomy
  • High-quality lens provides clear, crisp imaging for efficient and effective use when diagnosing and performing therapeutic procedures
field of view

Compatible with

FocESS HD wireless camera

The FocESS camera takes in-office imaging to the next level by displaying endoscopic images on a high-definition screen or television. With a wireless design, the FocESS camera allows for more freedom of movement during office procedures.