FocESS® sinuscope
sterilization tray


The sinuscope sterilization tray is designed for enclosing and holding FocESS nasal endoscopes in an organized manner during the sterilization process and subsequent transportation and storage.

The perforated, rectangular aluminum tray allows for sterilant penetration and includes a latchable cover for added security. The tray features silicone instrument holders in the base and/or cover for optimal endoscope organization and protection during sterilization.

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Features and benefits

  • Lightweight and durable aluminum case with latchable cover
  • Autoclavable for optimal sterilization
  • Adjustable silicone instrument holders in the base and cover to securely contain instruments
  • Suitable for sterilization methods including autoclave, ethylene oxide and STERRAD.

Compatible with

FocESS sinuscopes

FocESS sinuscopes from Stryker offer a variety of imaging solutions for the ENT office. These 3mm rigid sinuscopes are designed specifically to provide physicians with the required vision for diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical sinus and nasal procedures.