HD wireless camera


The FocESS HD wireless camera, as part of the FocESS family of imaging solutions, takes in-office imaging to the next level, providing clear HD images, increased freedom of movement and an integrated light source. Together, these features translate to a better office experience for you and your patients.

This wireless camera is specifically designed for use with FocESS sinuscopes, ideal for maneuvering through tight nasal anatomy and in collaboration with other sinus instruments. Using HD wireless technology, the camera transmits clear images to a mounted receiver, making extraneous cords and camera and light source equipment a thing of the past. Sinus endoscopy procedures have never been more efficient and comfortable.

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Features and benefits

The FocESS camera offers ENT surgeons and their patients a variety of features and benefits that allow performance of endoscopic examination and procedures in complex cases, enhance image quality and promote patient comfort. They include:

  • Specific compatibility with the FocESS sinuscopes, which offer a 100-degree field of view, sleek 3mm diameter and 150mm length, making them ideal for maneuvering with other instruments and into tight anatomy
  • More convenient viewing of high-definition images through HD wireless technology. The FocESS camera transmits crisp, clear HD images (720p) to a mounted receiver
  • Elimination of awkward, high-maintenance cords and bulky camera and light source equipment, allowing ENT surgeons to move freely and ensure patient comfort

The FocESS camera in use

The FocESS camera simplifies even complex endoscopic sinus examinations and procedures by providing visualization of the nasal and sinus cavities. The LED automatically adjusts to an optimal setting when the distal tip of the endoscope approaches nasal or sinus structures. If the image is not illuminated correctly, or to the ENT surgeon’s desired preference, he or she can manually adjust the LED level up or down using the “+” or “-” buttons on the camera module. Once an adequate illumination level is set, the device will automatically adjust the light intensity.

Compatible with

FocESS sinuscopes

ENT surgeons rely on FocESS sinuscopes for their 100-degree field of view, providing a deeper line of sight into a patient’s sinus passages and cavities, remove abnormal growths such as polyps and aid in facial plastic surgery.

They are available with four angled tips:

  • FocESS sinuscope 0°
  • FocESS sinuscope 30°
  • FocESS sinuscope 45°
  • FocESS sinuscope 70°