Nasal packing

Bioresorbable and dissolvable nasal packing

Why use bioresorbable nasal packing after sinus surgery?

After sinus surgery, it is important to use nasal packing to help control bleeding and provide a support to separate tissue and structure at the surgical site. Stryker’s bioresorbable nasal packing service to help prevent adhesions between mucosal surfaces and assists in healing. Plus, because it dissolves gradually and is cleared naturally, it eliminates the need for painful nasal packing removal.

Our bioresorbable nasal packing products come in different sizes, fragmentation times, compression strengths, and hemostatic properties to ensure your patients have a comfortable post-operative experience. Choose from nasal packing in a range of compression options for optimal hemostasis, support, and stability, as well as adhesion prevention. Because our nasal packing products are dissolvable, they clear through natural mucosal flow. Plus, there is no need for mixing, moistening, injection syringes, or other prep, making your surgical process more efficient.

XeroGel® nasal / epistaxis pack

XeroGel nasal packing is a unique blend of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and chitosan, for a comfortable post-operative experience for your patients. XeroGel nasal packing swells upon placement in the nasal cavity, gently conforming to your patients’ anatomy to minimize bleeding. It maintains a cohesive structure to separate tissue, yet prevents adhesions and aids in the natural healing process. Plus, it dissolves gradually, typically within one week.31


NasoPore® bioresorbable nasal dressing

Designed for patient comfort and convenience, NasoPore dressings are available in four options: fast degrading, standard, firm, and extra firm. All deliver exact hemostasis, support, and stability while helping prevent adhesions.


HemoPore® hemostatic bioresorbable nasal dressing

An excellent dressing for a wide range of nasal procedures, HemoPore delivers firm compression to help prevent adhesions and minimize edema as well as keeping structures separated and stable. With the added benefit of chitosan, HemoPore aids in hemostasis and since it is bioresorbable will clear through the natural mucosal flow in approximately two weeks.34


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