nasal packing

XG-102, XG-108

XeroGel nasal packing is a unique blend of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and chitosan that delivers a comfortable post-operative experience for your patients. XeroGel dressing swells upon placement in the nasal cavity, gently conforming to your patients’ anatomy to minimize bleeding. It maintains a cohesive structure to separate tissue, yet prevents adhesions and aids in the natural healing process. Plus, it dissolves gradually, typically within one week.31

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Features and benefits

XeroGel nasal dressing features a unique, latex-free blend of polyethylene glycol and chitosan to:

  • Adapt to patient nasal anatomy upon placement
  • Minimize bleeding and prevent adhesions
  • Maintain a cohesive structure to separate tissue
  • Control bleeding
  • Dissolve easily
  • Aid in the natural healing process
xerogel process

The process of XeroGel nasal packing


XeroGel dressing swells upon placement in the nasal cavity to help prevent adhesions and minimize post-surgical bleeding.


XeroGel dressing hydrates and expands to conform to the treatment site.


XeroGel dressing maintains its cohesive structure to separate tissues and prevent adhesions between mucosal surfaces while helping to minimize bleeding.

1-Week Follow Up

At a 1-week follow-up, XeroGel dressing is typically dissolved, leaving a healthy mucosa.31