Stryker ENT navigation system

Augmented reality is finally here. Designed from the ground up with ENT surgeon feedback and key opinion leaders (KOL) insight, our TGS navigation system offers standard-of-care EM technology combined with groundbreaking Scopis augmented reality.

Navigation System

TGS Guidewire


Introducing a powerful combination. XprESS LoProfile ENT dilation system delivers a unique combination of control and versatility. The addition of the TGS guidewire to track the XprESS device enables a new level of accuracy, precision and confidence during navigation-assisted cases

GW Angle

Universal Tracker Electromagnetic

Universal navigation capabilities. Nearly any instrument can be calibrated and navigated on the TGS technology platform. Navigate your entire arsenal of instruments in a matter of seconds.

Scopis Universal Tracker Adapter

Precision Pointer Electromagnetic

Navigation and precision. This malleable instrument facilitates access to complex anatomy like the frontal and maxillary sinus.

Precision Pointer

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Stryker ENT navigation system powered by Scopis software

Scopis is a next-generation solution for navigating functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) offering surgeons highly advanced image guidance and visualization capabilities in a single system. Stryker ENT navigation system powered by Scopis software, was developed with Professor Peter J. Wormald, of Adelaide, Australia, and a worldwide network of leading KOLs in ENT. This solution allows the analysis and identification of sinus cells in the complex patient anatomy and planning of the natural drainage pathways through the sinus cavity. During surgery, the planned pathways are overlaid in real-time onto the endoscopic image, providing you with unique Scopis augmented reality technology. Guidance of endoscopic instruments may help you to perform a minimally invasive, accurate and selective surgery.