Image-guided instruments

Image-guided and optically tracked surgical instruments.

Image Guided Instruments

The Fiagon® image-guided and optically tracked surgical instruments have a proprietary “chip on the tip” technology, featuring smart sensors for direct navigation. Bendable instrumentation allows ENT surgeons to reach challenging anatomy in a variety of sinus procedures. Use of these surgical navigation tools helps you significantly reduce procedural risks for patients, ensure precision, and shorten surgical time by reducing the number of instrument changes.

Fiagon GuideWire device

The GuideWire device is an ultra-slim and completely flexible direct navigation technology designed for use with the XprESS® LoProfile ENT dilation system.


Fiagon PointerShell devices

The 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm PointerShell devices are open platform technology with smart sensor tracking, designed for use with suctions, debriders and ostium seekers of various sizes. The PointerShell Universal is designed for use with olive-tip suctions, debriders, ostium seekers, and curettes between 2 and 4.5mm.


Fiagon PointerTube device

The PointerTube sinus frontalis is a 4mm suction tube specially designed for frontal approaches, and the PointerTube Stammberger is a 4mm suction tube designed for sphenoidal approaches. Both feature smart sensor technology that allows for direct navigation.


Fiagon Pointer devices

The 1.5mm FlexPointer is a malleable ostium seeker designed for frontal approaches, featuring smart sensor technology for direct navigation. The 2.88mm FlexPointer offers the same features, designed for sphenoidal approaches. The FinePointer is a dissection needle features direct smart sensor technology.


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Compatible with

Fiagon® ENT navigation system

The Fiagon navigation system provides the convenience of plug-and-play instrumentation and the precision of direct navigation to enhance patient-centered care.

Fiagon Basic Navigation system