Flex Tube

Fiagon FlexTube

FFT-E 01 2106, FFT-E 01 2104

With the FlexTube device, ENT surgeons can perform navigated suction with a single instrument. Available in both 3mm and 4mm and designed for in-line, straight approaches, this tube can be reshaped to improve access to nasal and sinus passages and features smart sensors for direct navigation.

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Features and benefits

The FlexTube device offers ENT surgeons simplicity, convenience and precision when it comes to suction during procedures. Features and benefits include:

  • 10 times reusable
  • Navigated suction
  • Easily bent to any angle
  • Smart sensors for direct navigation
  • Sterilizable
Flexible suction

Compatible with

Fiagon ENT navigation system

The Fiagon navigation system provides the convenience of plug-and-play instrumentation and the precision of direct navigation to enhance patient-centered care.

Navigation System