Fiagon GuideWire®

FGW-E 01 3913

The Fiagon GuideWire device is a navigated surgical guidewire featuring a sub-millimeter diameter and a flexible external sheath. Developed to provide accurate and direct navigation with the XprESS LoProfile device, you can rely on this support tool for help with precise, image-guided balloon sinuplasty for your appropriate patients.

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Features and benefits

The GuideWire device gives ENT surgeons the malleability and accuracy they need in image-guided balloon sinus dilation procedures. Features and benefits include:

  • Single use
  • Completely flexible direct navigation technology
  • Navigated wire, enabling tracking of XprESS LoProfile ENT dilation system
  • Ultra-slim and flexible external sheath
Guidewire features


Accurate navigation from any angle

The GuideWire device delivers precise navigation of the XprESS LoProfile device, no matter what angle you choose. Experience a new level of control, precision and confidence during navigation-assisted cases. Watch how the GuideWire 0.6mm brings navigation to the XprESS system in this video.

Compatible with

XprESS LoProfile ENT dilation system

The XprESS LoProfile device is customizable to fit a patient’s anatomy for efficient, effective and comfortable sinus and Eustachian tube balloon dilation procedures. Designed with multiple confirmation method options, and to be compatible with the Fiagon navigation system, it gives you the confidence you need in any procedural setting.

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