Fiagon PointerShell

The inspiringly unique Fiagon PointerShell allows you to navigate with your preferred suction tool, shaver or light seeker. The PointerShell simply slides onto or clamps around your instrument of choice, providing navigation after a quick calibration. The PointerShell is available in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm, as well as PointerShell universal and PointerShell LS.

Fiagon PointerShell Universal device

FPS-E 01 2904

The open architecture of the PointerShell universal allows you to easily and quickly add precise navigation to your procedures. It easily affixes with a locking screw to a variety of instruments already in your practice, providing you maximum versatility and cost-savings when utilizing navigation. The PointerShell universal adapts to fit 2.5 to 5mm instrument shafts.

Fiagon PointerShell 3mm, 4mm and 5mm devices

FPS-E 01 2902 3mm, FPS-E 01 2900 4mm, FPS-E 01 2901 5mm

The PointerShell 3mm, 4mm and 5mm devices clamp around any instrument with the specific diameter, and provide navigation after a quick and simple calibration.

Fiagon PointerShell LS device

FPS-E 01 2906

The PointerShell LS device works with the MiniFESS Light Seeker sinus confirmation tool to offer you the only surgical solution combining transcutaneous light and image guidance confirmation methods for the frontal sinus. A custom adapter securely affixes to the Light Seeker and it provides precise location of the Light Seeker in various anatomical spaces and adds an additional confirmation method for complex anatomy.

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Features and benefits

Fiagon PointerShell devices features and benefits include:

  • 10 times reusable
  • Adds additional confirmation method for complex anatomy
  • Easily clamps to instrument of choice
  • Fast and accurate calibration
  • PointerShell LS device provides precise location of the light seeker in anatomical spaces

Compatible with

Fiagon® ENT Navigation System

The Fiagon ENT navigation system provides the convenience of plug-and-play instrumentation and the precision of direct navigation to enhance patient-centered care.


Navigation System