Navigation System

ENT navigation system

FSNS-E 01 0014, FPNS-E 01 0023

The Fiagon navigation system has one of the smallest footprints on the market, designed to fit comfortably in any sized procedure or operating room and comes complete with customizable screen views to meet all of your needs. With Fiagon’s proprietary technology, navigate with your preferred instrument of choice instead of having to purchase new manufacturer-specific tools. Enjoy the benefits of seamless integration that streamlines your workflow, and discover the freedom of an image guidance system that adapts to you with an intuitive patient registration and a user-friendly interface.

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Features and benefits

With Fiagon navigation, you can expect:

  • Seamless integration with your existing operating room instrumentation through the open architecture of the Fiagon PointerShell, which allows you to add precise navigation to your procedures using your instruments of choice
  • Adaptability to fit 2.5 to 5mm instrument shafts
  • Customizable screen views to meet the needs of multiple users
  • Intuitive patient registration and user interface
  • One of the smallest navigation system on the market – fits into any setting
Navigation System
localizer adhesive pads

What the system includes

  • Navigation unit
  • Field generator
  • Headrest solution
  • Localizer & adhesive pads
  • Registration pointer
  • Instrument cables