Balloon dilation

After 10 years and hundreds of thousands of patients treated, balloon dilation has firmly established itself as a part of the continuum of care for ENTs treating sinusitis and is now a safe and effective option for treating persistent Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD).

Ballon Sinus Dilation

Eustachian tube and sinus balloon dilation devices

Eustachian tube dysfunction impacts an estimated 11 million individuals in the US.52 The Audion™ ET dilation system was designed specifically to help provide relief for Eustachian tube patients. The device features an atraumatic tip with an enhanced flexible design using our FlexFeel Technology.63 One finger advancement along with a 45° angle helps provide built-in reliability by avoiding critical anatomy.61,62

The durable XprESS® ENT dilation system delivers a unique combination of control and versatility for sinus and Eustachian tube balloon dilation. Evidence-supported results affirm XprESS is safe, effective and can deliver enhanced patient outcomes.1 Its unique seeker-based design and tip malleability provide the tactile feel you are accustomed to and the flexibility you need to address complex anatomy and a broad range of patients, including pediatric.

ET dilation system

The Audion™ ET dilation system is a balloon dilation device specifically designed to treat adult (18+) Eustachian tube dysfunction patients. The Audion device is designed with FlexFeel technology, featuring our atraumatic tip with an enhanced flexible design, providing an optimal feel while traversing the Eustachian tube. The built-in reliability of the device allows for one-finger advancement and a 45˚ angle designed to avoid critical anatomy.61,62

Audion ET dilation system

XprESS® LoProfile
ENT dilation system

XprESS LoProfile is customizable to fit a patient’s anatomy for efficient, effective and comfortable sinus and Eustachian tube balloon dilation procedures. Designed with multiple confirmation method options, and compatible with Fiagon ENT navigation system, it gives you the confidence you need in any procedural setting.


XprESS® Ultra
ENT dilation system

Designed with a sleek profile, the XprESS Ultra provides precision and control for sinus balloon dilation procedures, providing enhanced adult and pediatric patient experiences including for those with tight nasal passages.1 XprESS Ultra can also be used to treat appropriate patients with Eustachian tube dysfunction.

XprESS Ultra Balloon Dilation

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Balloon Dilation for Sinusitis

Balloon dilation for sinusitis

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Balloon dilation for ETD

Learn more about balloon dilation as a new treatment option for your Eustachian tube dysfunction patients.

Balloon Dilation for Eustacian Tube Dysfunction

Clinical data

Visit our robust clinical data library to view published articles supporting the safety, efficacy and durability of the XprESS device for both sinusitis and Eustachian tube dysfunction.

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