LoProfile ENT dilation system

LPLF-105, LPLF-106, LPLF-107, LPLF-205, LPLF-206

The XprESS LoProfile delivers precision, versatility and ease-of-use.  The seeker-based design enhances control and tactile feel to successfully navigate even the most tortuous nasal anatomy. Its broad range of balloon sizes address various patient needs and XprESS provides multiple confirmation methods, including LED light, help ensure proper balloon placement. It can be shaped on the spot to fit a patient’s anatomy for more efficient and comfortable balloon sinus and Eustachian tube dilation procedures.

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Features and benefits

The XprESS LoProfile offers ENT surgeons and their patients a unique combination of features and benefits not found in other balloon sinus and Eustachian tube dilation devices, including:


  • An atraumatic ball tip, which provides tactile feedback and can be used to gently palpate tight sinus passages to aid in device placement.
  • A broad range of balloon sizes to address unique patient and case needs including 5x20mm, 6x20mm, 7x20mm, 5x8mm, and 6x8mm.
  • Ability to access and treat frontal, sphenoid, and maxillary sinuses, as well as the Eustachian tubes.
  • Integrated LED Light Fiber, which delivers real-time light confirmation through trans-illumination and excursion and eliminates need for extra light source and cables.

The XprESS LoProfile in use

The XprESS LoProfile ENT Dilation System simplifies complex procedures. ENT surgeons rely on this evidence-supported technology to offer efficient, precise, effective solutions to patients with sinus drainage issues and Eustachian tube dysfunction. The XprESS LoProfile ENT Dilation System delivers a unique combination of control and versatility. With PathAssist LED Light Fiber, it combines balloon dilation, seeking, tip location confirmation, suction and irrigation functions into a single, less invasive tool.