XprESS Ultra Balloon Dilation

XprESS® Ultra ENT dilation system

ULF-105, ULF-106, ULF-205, ULF-206

With a super-sleek profile, the XprESS Ultra delivers optimal visualization and enables navigation of tight anatomy during both office and OR cases. Its advanced design delivers precision, versatility and ease-of-use to more easily treat adult and pediatric patients with frontal, sphenoid and maxillary sinus drainage issues. Plus, you’ll appreciate its many advanced features including streamlined shape and size, compact balloon options, customizable tip and integrated light fiber that offer ENT surgeons an enhanced level of control and ease-of-use.

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Features and benefits

The XprESS Ultra offers ENT surgeons and their patients a unique set of features and benefits not found in other balloon sinus and Eustachian tube dilation devices, including:


  • An ultra-sleek profile enabling easy visualization, access and navigation of even narrow frontal anatomy.

  • Compact balloon sizes and unique bending tool provides an additional maxillary bend for shorter leg length when navigating tight passages.

  • Shapeable tip to treat the frontal, sphenoid and maxillary sinuses.

  • Integrated LED Light Fiber, which delivers real-time light confirmation through trans-illumination and excursion and eliminates need for extra light source and cables.


XprESS Ultra Balloon Dilation Device Features

The XprESS Ultra in use

ENT surgeons rely on the XprESS Ultra technology to simplify sinus procedures and improve outcomes for adult and pediatric patients, especially those with tight anatomy that would traditionally be more complex to navigate and treat. This evidence-supported, top-quality technology allows you to offer less invasive balloon dilation procedures to sinusitis and Eustachian tube dysfunction patients. Plus, it gives ENT surgeons confidence in precise device placement and procedure effectiveness with its easy visualization and customizable tip and balloon options.