surgical instruments sets

Surgical instrument sets.

Surgical instrument sets deliver precision and control you can feel, excellent visualization and range of motion, and easy confirmation of sinus locations for quick access. These ENT instrument sets are designed to streamline your operating room and optimize your FESS procedures. The forceps set includes seven forceps, the sickle knife and sterilization tray. The seeker set includes two maxillary seekers, the sphenoid seeker/freer and the Light Seeker sinus confirmation tool. Both sets will help you treat patients with complex conditions and anatomical challenges, as well as enhance overall outcomes.


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MiniFESS surgical instrument sets


The MiniFESS surgical instruments set includes the following high-precision instruments:

  • Blakesley forceps (Straight, 45 degree)

  • Blakesley forceps Thru-Cut (Straight, 45 degree)

  • Takahashi forceps

  • Turbinate forceps

  • Sickle knife

  • MiniFESS sterilization tray



The MiniFESS surgical instruments seeker set includes:

  • Light Seeker sinus confirmation tool

  • Maxillary seeker set (120 degree and 135 degree)

  • Sphenoid seeker/freer

surgical instrument sets
sterilization tray

Compatible with

MiniFESS sterilization tray

This autoclavable sterilization tray for MiniFESS surgical instruments holds eight finger-grip and six seeker-style instruments. Organize and protect your MiniFESS surgical instruments with a tray intended to allow sterilization of the enclosed medical devices during a prevacuum steam sterilization cycle, in conjunction with a legally marketed wrap. The tray is not intended to maintain sterility on its own.