The MiniFESS® family of surgical forceps offers a wide range of motion, procedural precision, and tissue preservation in the form of customizable surgical tools. Whether your patient’s surgery requires removal of bone or cartilage or gentle soft tissue compression, these medical forceps provide you with comfortable control.

MiniFESS® turbinate forceps

The turbinate forceps allow you to gently compress the turbinate to reshape without removing tissue. This tool enables clearer visualization and greater range of motion for sinus access and middle turbinate compression procedures. They feature a 110mm working length and 5x19mm jaws.

MiniFESS® Blakesley forceps

Designed with a smaller handle, the Blakesley forceps provide precision and control you can feel. From polyp removal and septoplasty, to posterior and anterior ethmoidectomies, turbinate reduction and concha bullosa resection, these versatile tools streamline your surgical procedures. Blakesley forceps are available in straight, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees, with a 110mm working length and 2.5x7mm jaws. Blakesley forceps thru-cut come in straight and 45 degree versions, each with a 110mm working length and 2x5mm jaw.

forceps blakesley

MiniFESS® Takahashi forceps

For septal spur removal and septoplasty, Takahashi forceps provide control and precision when removing soft tissue, cartilage, or excess bony fragments. These forceps are straight with 2.5x8mm jaws.

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