Blakesley forceps

CS-102, CS-103, CS-106, CS-107, CS-108

Designed with a smaller handle than other forceps, the Blakesley forceps provide precision and control you can feel. From polyp removal and septoplasty, to anterior and posterior ethmoidectomies, turbinate reduction and concha bullosa resection, these versatile tools streamline your surgeries and enhance patient outcomes. Like all the instruments in the MiniFESS family of surgical forceps, the Blakesley forceps allow you a great range of motion, procedural precision and tissue preservation.

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Features and benefits

The Blakesley forceps offer ENT surgeons and their patients a unique combination of features and benefits, including:

  • Stainless steel frame

  • Smaller handle size

  • Blakesley forceps: straight, 45 degree and 90 degree versions; 110mm working length and 2.5x7mm jaws

  • Blakesley forceps thru-cut: straight and 45 degree versions; 110mm working length and 2x5mm jaw

  • Autoclavable

blakesley inset
sterilization tray

Compatible with

MiniFESS sterilization tray

This autoclavable sterilization tray for MiniFESS surgical instruments holds eight finger-grip and six seeker-style instruments.