Entellus medical cart

Entellus Medical®
cart and monitor

SC-100, OPM-100-32, OPM-100-23

Using the cart and 23-inch or 32-inch monitor means you can simplify your ENT instrument setup and get the high-definition images you need for effective diagnoses and treatments. The cart’s integrated Mayo stand tray and wide base with additional shelving offers ample space for all necessary equipment.


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Features and benefits

The cart and monitor give you:

  • An integrated Mayo stand tray that slides in and out for easy access to your surgical instruments

  • A wide base with additional shelving and ample space for all your procedural equipment

  • The high-definition images you need, when you pair the monitor with the FocESS™ HD wireless camera and sinuscopes.

Entellus medical cart full

Compatible with

FocESS HD wireless camera

Ensure that you get the high-definition images you need by pairing our monitor with the FocESS camera. Part of the FocESS family of imaging solutions, the camera takes in-office imaging to the next level, providing clear HD images, increased freedom of movement, and an integrated light source. Together, these features translate to a better office experience for you and your patients.