Shaver system
cleaning and care

Proper cleaning and care of the Entellus Medical™ shaver system is essential for patient safety, infection prevention and for ensuring the system, handpiece and reusable blades remain in optimal condition so you can provide patients with their best possible surgical outcomes. Enzymatic detergents are recommended for cleaning surgical instruments in a washer or disinfector and should be used in the concentration, temperature and duration indicated by the manufacturer. Detailed cleaning instructions can be found in the Instructions for Use.


Aquacare® cleaning fluid

1600617-001, 1600617-006

Aquacare cleaning spray cleans instruments and is used to remove physiological liquid.


Lubrifluid® lubricant

1600064-006, 1600064-001

This spray lubricant is the only one approved for cleaning the shaver handpiece.

Cleaning brushes

Cleaning brushes

SSA-108, SSA-109

Specialized, non-aggressive brushes with flexible, nylon hairs.

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Compatible with

Shaver handpiece

The pencil-grip shaver handpiece with its integrated micro-motor provides ENT surgeons with a light and balanced instrument that allows precise operation even in anatomically complex procedures. It is designed to be used with the reusable and single-use shaver blades.


Compatible with

Shaver blades

Reusable shaver blades are made of stainless steel and may be used for up to 20 procedures. They are available in 3mm and 4mm straight varieties. Single-use straight, 40-degree-curved and 60-degree-curved blades are also available in 3mm and 4mm. All blades are intended solely and exclusively to be used along with the Entellus Medical™ shaver system handpiece.