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shaver system


Designed for shaping bone and resecting soft and hard tissues, the shaver system’s simple setup, unique pencil-grip handpiece design and reusable blade options offer you a flexible, cost-effective tool for ENT procedures like turbinate reduction, concha bullosa resection, anterior and posterior ethmoidectomy, septal spur and polyp removal, septoplasty and more. The system’s straight suction channel with integrated irrigation is designed to minimize clogging for reliable, uninterrupted performance. This shaver system allows ENT surgeons to perform more advanced surgical procedures, helping to improve outcomes for patients and provide treatment in a convenient and comfortable environment like the ASC or clinic.

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Features and benefits


The shaver system offers ENT surgeons and their patients a variety of features and benefits, including:

  • Easy operation through the control unit’s keypad and multi-function foot pedal

  • Speed ranges in both continuous rotation mode or oscillating mode

  • Precise and ergonomic handpiece and powerful, reliable motor

  • Minimal clogging through straight suction channel design

  • “Plug and play” system, with no pre-programming required

  • Carefully curated set of blade options, including single use and reusable

Navigation System Foot Pedal

What the shaver system includes

  • Control unit

  • Foot pedal

  • Irrigation stand

  • Irrigation clips

  • Irrigation lines

  • Cleaning brush

Shaver system cleaning and care


Cleaning should be performed as soon as possible after a surgical procedure. Most parts of the system must be cleaned manually, with special detergents, and cannot be submerged. Visit the shaver system cleaning and care page for details.


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Compatible with

Entellus Medical shaver system handpiece

The pencil-grip shaver handpiece with its integrated micro-motor provides ENT surgeons with a light and balanced instrument that allows precise operation even in anatomically complex procedures. It is designed to be used with the reusable and single-use shaver blades.