Entellus Medical®
shaver system handpiece


The pencil-grip shaver handpiece with its integrated micro-motor is a lightweight and well-balanced instrument that allows precise operation even in anatomically complex procedures. Designed to be used with the reusable and single-use shaver blades, the handpiece’s steering wheel allows for blades to be positioned at any angle while operating and provides both continuous and oscillating options. With just the right power, it’s a versatile tool that you can rely on to perform surgical procedures in your preferred setting.

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Features and benefits

shaver features

The handpiece’s outstanding features and benefits include:

  • Ergonomic pencil grip for ENT comfort and precision

  • Straight suction channel with integrated irrigation to minimize clogging and effectively cool the handpiece for reliable, uninterrupted performance

  • Compatibility with single-use and reusable shaver blades

  • Steering wheel for real-time blade repositioning

  • Powerful, integrated micro-motor

  • Continuous rotation and oscillating options

Compatible with

Entellus Medical® shaver system

The Entellus Medical shaver system is a compact, simply programmable, flexible and cost-effective tool for performing ENT procedures like turbinate reduction, concha bullosa resection, anterior and posterior ethmoidectomy, septal spur and polyp removal, septoplasty and more. The system’s straight suction channel with integrated irrigation is designed to minimize clogging and effectively cool the handpiece for reliable, uninterrupted performance. It allows ENT surgeons to perform more advanced surgical procedures in the ASC and clinic, helping to improve outcomes for more sinusitis patients and provide treatment in a convenient and comfortable environment.

Navigation System Control Unit

Compatible with

Shaver blades

Reusable, straight shaver blades are made of easily sterilized stainless steel and may be used for up to 20 procedures. They are available in 3mm and 4mm straight varieties. Single-use straight, 40-degree-curved and 60-degree-curved blades are also available in 3mm and 4mm. All blades are intended solely and exclusively to be used along with the Entellus Medical shaver system handpiece.