Sinus seekers/freers

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MiniFESS® sinus seekers offer a simple, precise way to confirm sinus location and device placement. This added measure of assurance enables you to perform sinus dilation procedures with confidence, even when navigating tight or complex anatomy, leading to faster, more convenient procedures and enhanced patient outcomes.

MiniFESS® maxillary seeker

MS-120, MS-135, MS-255

Using anatomically correct 120-degree and 135-degree entry angles, these reusable maxillary seekers accurately cannulate patients’ natural maxillary ostium. These seekers can be used prior to maxillary treatment to decide if the XprESS® device should be inserted with a “tip up” or “tip down” approach and to determine the optimal bend angle for placing the XprESS ball tip behind the uncinate process.

Maxillary Seeker

MiniFESS® sphenoid seeker/freer


This 1.75mm ball-tip seeker with a 19-degree bend angle enables you to navigate around the superior turbinate for easier access to the sphenoid ostium. The sphenoid seeker/freer is a two-in-one tool that improves access because it functions as both a sphenoid sinus seeker and a 4.5mm-wide freer elevator for easy manipulation of the middle turbinate.

Seeker sphenoid

MiniFESS® Light Seeker sinus confirmation tool


The Light Seeker allows you to leverage the unique combination of transcutaneous light and image guidance to accurately confirm the frontal sinus. Illumination supports correct entry into the frontal recess and provides transcutaneous confirmation of the frontal sinus prior to XprESS sinus dilation procedures, sinus irrigation procedures, FESS procedures or other endoscopic sinus procedures. This reusable confirmation tool combines the tactile feedback of a sinus seeker with the confidence of illuminated guidance. This seeker is also broadly compatible with a variety of light sources and cables.

Light Seeker

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Compatible with

Portable red LED light source

Improving upon the efficacy of an already powerful product, the Portable red LED light source optimizes access and confirmation by providing a red transilluminating light. It attaches directly to the MiniFESS Light Seeker, providing three levels of red-light illumination, allowing superior clarity in viewing nasal and sinus structures.