red LED light source


The portable red LED light source attaches directly to the MiniFESS Light Seeker, providing four levels of red-light illumination: off, low, medium and high. It allows for excellent clarity across nasal and sinus structures. Improving upon the efficacy of an already powerful product, the portable red LED light source optimizes your access to the frontal sinus, which promotes predictable dilating procedure success.

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Features and benefits

The Entellus Medical portable red LED light source features:

  • Red LED light for superior transcutaneous illumination32
  • Portable and intuitive functionality for greater maneuverability
  • Powered by an internal lithium ion battery with a 10-hour battery life, it removes cords from the procedure room
  • Reusable


The light source package includes:

  • Battery charger (with AC/DC adapter)
  • Two lithium ion battery cells
Red LED features
Light spectrum

How the light source works

The light source easily connects to the MiniFESS Light Seeker to provide red light from the distal end of the Light Seeker. The red light provides better illumination of bone and tissue across a wider range of patients, helping you more easily confirm instrument placement and visualize dilation.32 Because it contains its own battery power, there is no need for additional light sources, cables or adapters.

Compatible with

MiniFESS Light Seeker

The MiniFESS Light Seeker offers you the unique combination of tactile feedback and transcutaneous light so you can accurately confirm the frontal sinus.